A Tapestry of Colour



Local parks and recreation facilities can often be left to fall into disrepair, turning what should be a community hub into a place that either promotes an incorrect image of an area, or represents a deeper sentiment that might be lying at the heart of it.

Changing the perception of one such space, is artist William LaChance who has created a giant mural across a series of basketball courts in a St Louis suburb. The bold patterns are painted across three adjacent courts at the Missouri city's Kinloch Park, located close to the Ferguson area where riots broke out in 2014, following the shooting of a black teenager by a white police officer. The tapestry of colour follows the distinctive style of LeChance, whose work uses an exhuberant palette with bold, almost naive geometries. 

The colourful patterning is based on a set of five oil paintings, which the artist placed side by side to form a larger image. Combinations of curved and straight edges evoke the court markings, but do not coincide directly with them, and much like his shapes, have an imperfection that evokes a sense of honesty. "The primary intent of the design was to create not so much a cohesive, pictorial composition as it was to create tapestry of colour fields, large enough to act as stage sets awaiting the players," he said.