Acne Studios Blå Konst Store in Tokyo



Acne Studios began as a Stockholm collective of creatives focused on design, production, and advertising. Its name takes after an acronym of ‘Ambition to Create Novel Expressions’ (rather than the teenage skin condition). In 1997, cofounder Johnny Johansson made a foray into fashion design, making 100 pairs of jeans he distributed to friends and family. And, as they say, the rest is history. In 2006, Acne Studios broke off to establish a separate clothing label, while Acne Group continues to produce multimedia, design, and advertising work. During its ten years of existence, Acne Studios has firmly established itself as a luxury ready to wear brand that delivers top quality basics, impeccable tailoring, and new takes on classic structured cuts. They also make beautiful footwear.

Acne Studios have a network of stores in some of the most exciting cities in the world. Their stores reflect the label’s aesthetic — clean cut, full of subtle juxtapositions, quietly edgy. Overall, the shops’ interiors tend to be quite formal and somewhat cold. Metals and reflective surfaces feature heavily, with very few samples of clothing on display. It makes for a special experience that accentuates the quality of the individual items and pulls the customer into a different world, completely cut off from the every day. However, the atmosphere can feel a little intimidating.

Acne Studios have just opened a new store in Tokyo. After a runway show at Paris Fashion Week earlier in the year, Acne has gone back to its roots. The store’s sole focus is on the company’s new denim line — Blå Konst, which translates to ‘Blue Art’ from Swedish. Denim fever has many devotees around the globe, and Acne Studios’ collection of bespoke jeans, skirts, and jackets is sure to burn a whole in wallets of real aficionados. The interior of this shop makes a departure from the norm. This approach is suitable for Blå Konst’s purpose. It is a much more relaxed space, full of natural light. Plus wall to wall blue carpet illuminates the space with an azure glow. Red and gold railing complete the primary colour scheme, which is reflected in the signature mirror plinths. A wall of plastic vertical blinds completes the utilitarian feel. If you want to check out an Acne Studios store near you, you can browse through their list of locations on their website.

Via Wallpaper Magazine