Aero collects water for your garden form the air



Water shortages are among the least pleasant predictions that await our planet in the not-so-far future. One such prediction warns that 4 billion people will be living in high water stress areas by 2030. This means that we need to be thinking up innovative ways to save water and alter our water usage habits.

Aero is a 10 week design collaboration between Susanne Duswald and Janis Beinerts, students at Umeå Institute of Design in Sweden, and Gardena and Husqvarna Group. The project targets the leisure activity of gardening. With future water shortage imminent, private gardening done for growing produce, but mainly as a hobby, will become too expensive to maintain. If done sustainably, its a great activity that can bring the community together, provide gentle exercise for the elderly, and of course result in tasty, healthy food. The design team spent some time researching community gardens in Sweden. They identified the central needs and problems related to water supply and came up with a smart solution in Aero.

Aero is a clear cylinder that stands tall, somewhat resembling a far more useful, larger version of Amazon Echo. It extracts water from the air by collecting condensation on a twisted structure of polymer coated cotton membranes — a material that is highly effective at attracting water. Once the limit has been reached, a mechanism is triggered to wring out the water, ready to be channelled through the magnetically attached, regulated hoses. Aero is solar-powered, making it totally independent from any external energy supply. The design of Aero makes it optimal for several people to utilise at the same time. It features smart technology that ensures minimal waste. Find out more about the nitty gritty details on Susanne Duswald’s website. A smaller version for balcony gardens is on the way; hopefully Aero will go into production one day — we need more accessible technology like this.