All The Things



All The Things is a wonderfully playful collaborative project by motion designer Chris Guyot, look development artist The Rusted Pixel, and sound designer John Poon.

The film works as a collection of individual narratives that are unified by a candy-coloured cohesive style. The personal project began as many do, with the aim to complete a short, simple animation. However the concept evolved as ideas piled up and individual narratives grew organically. The result is film consisting of eight individual shorts, each with it’s own tone, sense of surprise and humour. Ideas for the films grew from a variety of starting points, from ancient tapestries, through to over-protective battlements, through to a flock of birds with the runs. The variety makes for some fun viewing, tapping into our modern penchant for snappy storytelling and gorgeous visuals. No sooner have you laughed at the punchline of one film, and you’re straight into the colourful world of the next. And this colourful world is perfectly lit and rendered with a distinctive monotone 3D aesthetic. Despite the treatment’s reduced look, it’s clear that a some skilled hands were behind it’s creation. Subtle nuances make all the difference in aesthetics like this, adding depth and a sense of textural reality.

The project has been documented brilliantly by it’s creators on their Bechance pages. Head here to check out the full project with commentary on each short, as well as some behind the scene snapshots that detail the creation of each film.