Corruption Inspires Bold Identity By Réka Neszmélyi



Bánkitó is a music and cultural festival that takes place in Bánk, Hungary, each year. Unlike other festivals of this type, each year Bánkitó focuses on one issue that forms a basis for the festival programme, along with all communications that support the event. This extends to the branding that here, becomes more that just a means of promotion, it becomes a call to action. This years festival focused on the battle against governmental and economical corruption.

Designed by Réka Neszmélyi, the brand uses a bold graphic style that acts as means for activism. Fluorescent orange, red and black make up the limited palette, that holds together multiple type treatments as well as various illustrations. The illustrations of different hand gestures underpin the design, working as a sort of sign language that directs you though the work. The posters are probably where the brand is seen at it’s strongest. Tightly stacked type towers up with interjecting gestures pushing it in and out. It’s a violent layout, that draws your attention as you try to decipher the message that’s being communicated to you. Inside the festival programme, the neon becomes even more apparent and glows under night light. Again the type treatment is heavy, with stacks of it lining the pages, and highlighted with the bright palette. The activism extends out further with another set of posters that pose a variety of questions. These simple pieces of type are then violently graffitied with fluorescent orange marks.

The project reminds us that advertising and communication can not only be used for commercial purposes, but as ways to communicate important issues.