Dictionary of Online Behaviour by TeYosh




TeYosh a dynamic duo of designers that was founded by Sofia Stanković and Teodora Stojković who both acquired their animation and design skills in Belgrade. They both went on to study in the master of design degree programme in the prestigious Sandberg Institute at the Gerrit Reitveld Academy in Amsterdam. TeYosh work on both client and personal research projects, injecting both strands with their infectious and often humorous imagery. They are presently working from Random Studio in Amsterdam.

Dictionary of Online Behaviour is amongst the many wonderful things they have thought up. This project tilts a frame towards our online lives, and the ways in which digital tools have influenced, or created, particular online behaviours. Suitably existing online, the dictionary is a website that presents the user with a series of tabbed browser windows hovering within the browser, part of the meta-level commentary. Each one represents a behaviour. Some are humorous, others will make you cringe in a moment of recognition. I imagine that many of us are guilty of “ex-Raying,” for example. Like a traditional dictionary, each section provides a description of the terms, some examples of usage. In addition, a background animation brings the words to live. TeYosh have included some visual collaborations with other young talents, such as the experimental studio Rodina.

A fun, yet thought provoking project the continues to evolve. Enjoy plenty more delicious work from TeYosh here.