Dragon’s Scale — the latest Media Design School student film




Dragon’s Scale is the latest in a string of successful short films created by Media Design School students. The film was released for online viewing earlier today, having been screening at festivals around the world. Third year students of the Bachelor of Art and Design (3D Animation and VFX) get the opportunity to trial what it’s like to be part of a real film production pipeline, driving a four month long project, which culminated in a completed short film. Dragon’s Scale is the result of the hard work of 26 students. Directed by lecturer James Cunningham, the film is a simple, but visually captivating story.

Pulled in to the frame by some stunning shots of Aotearoa, New Zealand, we witness the journey of two likeable characters — a young boy and his father. The pair make their way through a lush forest where nothing is quite as it seems. They are on a quest to find the resident dragon, and ask for a wish to be granted by the magical creature. The boy has a stutter, a problem his father is resolved to solve through securing the one wish. Unfortunately, the forest is more alive than it looks. The boy must continue on the quest alone after his father gets tangled up in this strange place. You will have to find out what happens next by watching the short film. What I can say, is that the quality of the production is beautiful. The Media Design School team have made a truly professional level effort with the filming, visual effects, and post production in this short. It is difficult to distinguish life action from CGI in many of the scenes, a demonstration of stealthy skill from the crew. Check out the full short, and try not to let it dissuade you from future hikes.