Emma Jorn and Ilse Jacobsen team up on fashion rainwear



The elements are ever-present challenges in the face of the brave who stubbornly commute on foot, or by bike. Rain or sunshine heat may not prevent the committed masses from taking to the outdoors, but they can make the journey very unpleasant. Not much can be done about intense heat, but protection from the rain is readily available. An array of waterproof fabrics has followed on in the footsteps of the highly breathable, thin, and water-repellant Gore-Tex. Still, options for those who cycle to work on a daily basis are limited. There is the choice between a waterproof jacket, or a loose poncho, perhaps with the addition of waterproof pants. These items are utilitarian in design and assume that the rider will take them off, or change into into something more suitable once they arrive at their destination.

Two Danish designers have teamed up to create a range of rainwear specifically for women. Ilse Jacobsen is a specialist in rainwear design. Her brand Ilse Jacobsen Hornbæk makes classic rain coats in an array of colours. She invited designer Emma Jorn to make a capsule collection of more explorative and adventurous garments. The Ilse Jacobsen Hornbæk by Emma Jorn collection includes clean-cut lightweight pack-away parkas, alongside elaborate pieces with feature pockets, cape-like additions, and small details that make a big difference in performance. For example, a waterproof skirt that is attractive enough to wear all day, but could also be easily slipped on on top of a regular outfit. The skirt has two handy pockets, and is longer at the front to provide adequate cover when cycling. A rain dress boasts a shapely figure combined with great ventilation. Accessories include a roomy bag and a huge hat that doubles as an umbrella. I am not sure how it would fare in the wind, but it manages to look more chic than silly in the photoshoot, at least. Hopefully, this collection heralds exciting new trends in cycle wear—more attractive, purpose made fashion ready for the road.