Epic Barth: Epic Fail



Greg Barth is an awarding winning Swiss artist and director, who currently operates out of London producing some seriously whacky work. His contemporary aesthetic leans on bright solids, bold graphics and retro patterns to create a signature style that he blends with his comically surreal concepts. His work primarily uses physical effects, often creating what looks like CGI scenes out of models and cleverly designed sets, a technique that perfectly suits Barth’s penchant for distorting reality.

Epic Fail emerged out of a time as Barth put’s it, where ‘post-truth news divides and conservative politics fail to lure in young voters’. The film works as an avant-garde essay that details an extraordinary vote for world peace, and mimics the political events that turned the world upside down in 2016. The film’s commentators take us through the piece, gleefully championing the success of the vote before the count is officially in. This cosmetic narration occurs over imagery that documents our current apathetic attitude, comically visualised through a forever revolving soft-serve ice cream.

The piece is sharp. It’s visually engaging and witty in it’s presentation, and most disturbingly, it details a worrying trend. One where stronghold conservative voters win, and lack lustre, disillusioned voters loose. 

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