Space-porn is almost like a genre of it’s own nowadays, however few treat it with such graphic and compositional reverence as Ash Thorp in Epoch.

Epoch is an experimental film that takes you on a voyage through our solar system. The eleven minute long work has no clear narrative other than an unidentified craft that leads you from scene to scene revealing the visual wonders of the universe. The colours and cosmic beauty of space are enough visual stimulus in themselves, however the addition of this craft adds an interesting geometric contrast that Thorp uses to frame planets and star-scapes. The craft is constructed of multiple intersecting arms meaning that from whatever angle, a plus or a cross shape are seen. In some instances we are cropped in tight with these arms dramatically carving up the frame and in turn, creating individual windows through which we can view. In other scenes, the ship sits centre of frame, smaller and more like the cross marks of a camera lens drawing in your focus. In all, the geometric ship adds visual weight to what is already a beautiful piece of work.

Accompanying the film is an epic soundtrack by Ben Lukas Boysen and Yair Elazar Glotman. The orchestral score adds another element of intensity without ever becoming overdramatic. Much like the film as a whole really, as a sense of restraint is used across every contributing element, creating in turn, a rich and deeply engaging film.

Ash Thorp is an incredibly prolific artist who crosses over from one discipline to another seamlessly. Visit his website to head down the wormhole of creative projects from this very talented individual.