F is for Fendi x Pokras Lampas




There’s been run of artist collaborations with fashion labels of late, mainly due to the instagram-able nature of the work they produce. However none have been as active and dynamic as Pokras Lampas' rooftop work for Fendi.

Lampas is a calligraphy artist who is reshaping the world of this traditional art form. Taking calligraphy off the page and instead into large scale installations, both within the gallery and outside of it, has seen this Russian artist rise to fame and grab the attention of world renowned brands such as Fendi. His work for the label saw Lampas re-interpret the brand’s manifesto in bright yellow on top of their impressive Italian headquarters. Lampas’ bold, calligraphic style becomes a series of striking borders in the work, each wrapping the circumference of the roof turning the neglected space into what looks like a traditional piazza. The loose nature of his technique means that the rigidity of the piece is broken up with fluid movements, splatters of paint, and lines that dip in and out as the paint comes to the end of it’s draw. Using household brooms, Lampas has pushed the graphic technique in scale, with the long reach of the handle and width of the broom head, allowing him to work in a way that extends his body to a place normally unachievable. 

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