Festival Nrmal 2017 by Sociedad Anónima



Festival Nrmal is an alternative music festival in Mexico. The 2017 branding was designed by local studio, Sociedad Anónima. The studio has produced ten years worth of vibrant, trendy, and well appointed work with a focus on identity, editorial design and communications.

The Festival Nrmal design, art directed by Mauro Bonillo, has a 90s feel, with its nonchalant, basic typography and recurring graphic visuals. The central graphic device is a thick felt mark. A deceptively simple concept, it alternates between an additive scribble and an erased void, which is used as a device to hold the text. It is sometimes used as one thick strike to hold a word, at other times a loose gesture creates a larger window that allows the underlying text to come through. This approach works well with a range of copy. It also combines successfully with band press photos, helping create uniformity, without abandoning flexibility. Colours are kept to a loud and clear combination of blue, red, black, and white. Because of the boldness and simplicity of the identity, the design translates well to the large scale of a stage banner, as well as a flyer. It would look equally great online. Considering the full range of possible touchpoints is a necessity in today’s design world. Checkout the video below for a slick overview of how the brand functions in different environments.