Gandia By Andrea Mestre



It’s funny how we just accept what we have as our only alternate. The status quo often goes unchecked and unquestioned meaning that we sometimes live with objects that maybe aren’t nearly as satisfying as they should be. Office furniture is generally not something that we think about when talking about contemporary design, and yet it’s something that many of us spend a majority of our day interacting with.

Challenging this, and blurring the boundaries between home and work, is Andrea Mestre’s Gandia rattan office chair. The flexible material has long been known for it’s strength but rarely has it been considered for a purpose such as this. Rattan reached it’s height in the 70’s with many home furnishings and decorations being made from the material. Mestre’s office chair uses some of those traditional ways of making, and follows a similar structure to a standard, plastic office chair, but feels completely different and modern as final object. Mestre worked with the natural flexibility of the rattan rather than fighting against it, producing a chair with the same amount of flexibility as a regular office chair but with a significantly reduced set of mechanisms and highly engineered plastics.