Grand Yellow: On My Way



If you haven’t come across the ever talented Akatre before, then let this be the beginning of discovery of one of the most inventive studios out there today.

Akatre was founded in 2007 by Valentin Abad, Julien Divert and Sébastien Riveron in 2007. The Parisian studio has a strong grounding in typography and graphic design having produced a huge number or top notch posters, and displaying them in way that has now become the studio’s signature. Further from the graphic background is their expertise in image making. Many of their images captivate for their ability to combine craft, curiosity and oddity all into one, a talent that has seen them work with a who’s who of high end brands.

Their video for Grand Yellow is a full immersion into 3D for the studio. The film follows motionless replica’s of the Nicolas and Clemence from Grand Yellow, who are posed in surrealist landscapes, appearing constantly close, but never quite meeting. The trippy video plays on optical illusions constructed out of contemporary aesthetics with a camera that pushes forward through various dimensions. The concept came around through the thought of a never ending universe full of illusions, a sort of maze that causes a frustrating kind of separation.

It’s a universe that keeps you engaged as each dimension reveals it’s true nature dressed in all of Akatre’s aesthetic glory.