Julian Glander’s nonsensical animations for Disney



I have a confession to make. I like to sing silly, one or two word songs while cooking in the kitchen. Like, literally juts repeating the name of a vegetable again and again. This generally happens when I am home alone, but others have been graced with my musical efforts in the past. If you are similarly inclined to pretend you can sing, or take it a step further, and actually try to make your own music in your bedroom, then you might relate to Julian Glander’s Songwhich. Songwhich is a series of eight short animated segments for Disney’s microcontent program.

Our lead is a queasy-coloured young witch, accompanied by a host of bandmates, such as the customary black cat and a variety of blobs. The witch is an aspiring musician who fills her acid pink, purple and mint coloured bedroom with an array of unique sounds. Each segment features a ‘song,’ and let me tell you, your morning shower songwriting efforts will not feel quite as embarrassing after listening to this. Glander creates a small world that feels outright bizarre on first watch, but kind of begins to grow on you by the third play. Julian Glander has a talent for creating these kinds of offbeat scenarios. His work has been popular with coveted clients, particularly his looping gifs. Check out his colourful and crazy work on his website.