LeónLeón identity by Futura



Futura is a design studio based in Mexico City. It was founded in 2008 by Vicky González and Iván García. They have an extensive portfolio of projects that include branding, illustration, and packaging design. The studio is founded upon a set of rules that outline a strong ethical base for choosing clients, and a commitment to doing great quality creative work, over earning big bucks via projects that are mediocre, or overly controlled by the client.

Their latest project is a fun identity design for French-Mexican furniture and interior design company León León. León León’s initial inspiration came from iconic Acapulco chair. The chair’s design originated sometime in the 1950s, but its exact origins remain shrouded in mystery. One story tells of a French tourist who was feeling the heat of the beach city of Acapulco one day, and decided to make a chair by replicating the traditional Mayan hammock weaving technique. Whether this has some element of truth, or is pure myth, the story gives a great background for León León to build their brand upon.

Futura have taken elements from the company’s mixed French-Mexican heritage to create a design that makes a mark in the contemporary furniture design market, while making reference to its roots. Cut-outs of tropical foliage and palm fronts have been thrown together in joyfully messy compositions that communicate the energy of a summer breeze, throwing dappled light upon the patio. The colours are subdued blues, salmon pink, and mint green. They complement the colours of the furniture collection itself, with its rosey copper, sandy browns, and matte blacks. The discordant imagery adds some movement to the chairs’ structured linear patterns. Futura have created a bespoke typeface for the logo, again, referencing the geometry of the objects and playing on the repetition of the name. Find more examples of Futura’s work here.