London Fashion Week: Burberry SS18



Spring can be a tough season for a brand like Burberry. The label is of course founded on product that really comes into it’s own in winter - product that in turn, becomes harder to sell in the warmer months. However, although many of the garments in their spring collection felt a tad on the heavy side, the collection as a whole showed a range of exciting garments that seemed decidedly upbeat for this very British brand.

Burberry check featured as expected, but was paired with pastels, marching band costumes, transparent PVCs and patterned knits that were patched together. The range felt surprisingly kooky, and punk in it’s attitude, a tone that gave a expelled a feeling of lightness and exciting unpredictability. With this youthful flair, the collection felt like a departure from the traditionally luxurious brand, as creative direction Christopher Bailey put it, “there’s a little bit of grandeur, but also something that’s a bit broken with age”.