Looking Down/Walking Through by Tiffany Huang



Tiffany Huang is a Taiwanese/American fashion designer who recently graduated from Parsons in New York. Despite being fresh out of study, she has already been nominated for an impressive number of awards and accolades for her graduate thesis collection. Huang translates to “yellow” from Chinese, and the designer has drawn a lineage between her name and her love for fashion, colour, and design.

Huang’s approach certainly captures the brightness and exuberance of her name. She is brave in her experimentation with textile techniques, which include beading, weaving, and embroidery. These different methods of adornment sit side by side, with complementing textures joining into a tapestry of visual delight. The designer’s thesis project, Looking Down/Walking Through includes textiles that were originally inspired by the appearance of aerial photographs. She became further fascinated by the discordant relationship between these flat, graphic visuals from up above, and the sensual, specially complex experience of walking through, and being embedded in, that same environment. The resulting collection endeavours to bring these two states together via the language afforded by clothing. Print, embroidery, weaving strategic draping, folds and tucks — all of these combine into striking outfits that manage to reconcile flatness and volume in one sweep of cloth. Grid-like substrates are interspersed with abstracted plans of parts of the city. The lucky owner can walk around New York city, while reflecting its streets back on themselves. You can find a comprehensive overview of Tiffani Huang’s process here. The future looks bright for this one, I’m sure we will be seeing her name again soon.