Lorde’s Perfect Places



New Zealand’s most famous songstress, Lorde, has released a video for another single from her second full length album. Perfect Places is a catchy pop hit that demonstrates what Lorde does best. It communicates the emotions tied with being young, lost, heartbroken, joyful, insecure, and wild — all at once. She brings up nostalgic memories of being in your late teens, feeling invincible, yet terrified, excited to step into the busy traffic of adulthood, yet unwilling to let go of the friendships and loves that have occupied long summers and afternoons after school. Despite the buoyant tempo and lyrics that dwell on partying, Perfect Places is not the light and breezy pop hit it sounds like at first. The songs delves into the loneliness and fears that lurks behind drunken nights and one night stands. Lorde is a master at this, at twisting typical tracks into something darker, more interesting, with more depth.

The video, directed by Grant Singer, sees Lorde play out an island fantasy. Her outfits changes alone are worth the watch. She appears to be eating, frolicking, lounging, and drinking her way across an idyllic tropical island. But, it seems that she is alone here, and she quickly breaks down the facade of effortless leisure. Good pop music is hard to find, and Lorde has done it again.