Louise Belcourt at Locks Gallery



Sometimes I am in the mood for artwork that addresses contemporary issues that reflect upon the complexities of the world. Something challenging and thought-provoking. Sometimes, all I want is to temporarily suspend time, and get absorbed into an image, letting the mind wonder in a diffused state. Abstract painting is often a haven for eyes that have been overstimulated by scrolling blogs and flashing advertisements. Painting is static, but full of discoveries to be made, if you just spend time with it.

Louise Belcourt is a painter born in Canada, and now based in Brooklyn, New York. She approaches abstract painting in a way that is much softer than the traditional formalist experiments that dominate the history of this movement. Belcourt takes inspiration from her surroundings, integrating organic and architectural forms into her compositions. Her colour palette offered further clues to the source of inspiration. Blue, olive, teal, velvety black, and off-white make up the bulk of the colours. A shock of red, or purple, makes an appearance here and there. Perhaps something that happened to startle the artist in her environment?

Louise Belcourt is exhibiting at Locks Gallery in Philadelphia until February 4. The included works build layered landscapes of blocky shapes, and curved, rock-like formations. They are similar to her earlier work, but the compositions are becoming denser, more packed with monolithic forms sitting atop one another. Find out more about the exhibition here.