Marcelo Kertész goes from advertising guru to product designer



Marcelo Kertész had become a seasoned professional in creative direction and advertising before deciding to take on a new challenge in studying Product Design at NewSchool of Architecture & Design. He has scored many prestigious awards, represented Brazil at the Cannes Lions, was nominated for a Latin Grammy, and has lead seven presidential campaigns in five different countries. After this level of achievement, it would be easy to rest on ones laurels, but Kertész moved his family to California and began a new life.

After completing his Bachelor of Product Design at NewSchool, Marcelo Kertész established a product design studio dubbed Orange and Navy Design Co. So far, the designer has come up with a series of clever twists on objects we know well. The Toolbox takes inspiration from its namesake, but instead of holding spanners and screwdrivers it opens in a picnic basket of entertainment. Storage compartments hold your electronics and cables and the container becomes a speaker, or boombox. Visual Speakers double as a light, or a projection dome, transforming an ordinary room into a party in moments. They would also be a great lullaby and night light combination in a children’s room. Then there is Hooks & Loops, a simple but effective organisation system that makes full use of wall space for storage — a perfect space saver for tiny student apartments, for example.

Marcelo Kertész is an inspiring example of someone who doesn’t let years of experience stop them from being humble and learning from the start once again. His studio’s website can be accessed here.