Milan Fashion Week: MSGM SS18



MSGM is always about fun. For spring Giorgetti delivered a vibrant collection named after the Hue/ Saturation adjustment layer found in Adobe’s Photoshop. That tool’s colour wheel allows a myriad of options to occur at the whirl of a finger, the playfulness of such an act setting the mood for a fun collection that didn’t take itself too seriously.

Colour blends, colour blocking, tie-dye, pattern and paint splatter where all used in the eclectic range that’s only common thread was the colour that each garment so proudly boasted. Commissioning boxer-turned-artist, Osman Hassan, to create work especially for the collection added a certain spontaneity. Hassan’s work is created by the artist repeatedly punching paint soaked boxing gloves against canvas, an action that was mimicked in Giorgetti’s range as it relentlessly pounded colour down the catwalk. There were moments where a bit of breathing room was injected, using beige, olive and white to offset the colour.

Giorgetti has recently stepped down from his role at Pucci, and perhaps this has also created a bit of breathing room for the designer as well, a reason perhaps as to why this feels like a reinvigorated Giorgetti altogether.

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