Monty J’s ceramic plant critters



Indoor plants help to clean the air and can transform any space from a drab interior to one that’s lively and welcoming. Greenery and flowers alike can brighten up a gloomy room. And, if you aren’t blessed with ‘green fingers,’ you can still tend to your very own miniature jungle by choosing hardy plants, like succulents, cacti, or the trusty Snake Plant. If coupled with a complementary pot, then an already interesting plant can become a central part of an interior.

The Future Perfect is an online store, and a network of three showrooms based in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. First opened in 2003 by David Alhadeff, The Future Perfect holds an enviable collection of curated design and decorative arts. I discovered Monty J. Matterson, or simply Monty J, amongst the designers. Monty J identifies as an artist, and is based in New York. There is little information to be found about this mysterious individual beyond these basic facts. His work serves as the perfect way to introduce greenery and a sculptural object into a space at the same time. The artists creates curious vessels, objects, or vases that resemble alien creatures, or critters that come from the depths of the ocean. Each piece is unique and has a different quirky character. The ceramics are organic in form, with unexpected twists and turns that make them special. Some feathers here, a sharp zigzag there. What makes the pieces truly delightful are the plants that complete them. It wouldn’t be the same to see one without the other. Together, Monty J’s ceramic critters continue to evolve and group, demonstrating a harmonious juxtaposition of texture and form. And they bring an imaginative element to everyday living. The full collection is available here.