National Gallery Singapore store design by Foreign Policy



Foreign Policy is a visionary Singaporean design agency, brand strategy bureau and all around creative think tank. As well as working on the daily business, the studio’s owners Yah-Leng You and Arthur Chin have initiated considerable projects that enrich the communities around them and beyond. They have organised The Swap Show, an exhibition of design work from studios across the globe, to foster connections beyond their immediate vicinity. They have also put together a comprehensive Brand Guide to the local brands and businesses of Singapore. The 468 page document celebrates their homeland in one beautiful publication. Imagine being handed such a map to every new city you visit — endless hours spent researching local gems online are no comparison to a curated guide.

Being such cheerleaders for their city/country, Foreign Policy were the perfect team to be put in charge of developing the gift shop and cafe space for the National Gallery Singapore. Instead of creating a formal space to echo the gallery’s colonial style architecture, the design team focused on the contemporary, youthful and tropical spirit of the island nation. The vast space is divided by blocks that designate different spaces via their colour and materials. The book shop is dark and sophisticated, providing a blank graphite backdrop to the volumes on display. The cafe is light and breezy in pastels, with hexagonal tiles on the floor. White walls, wooden detailing, and geometric feature shelving in marble, tile, and bold polka dots dilutes the monolithic feel of the encapsulating space. Gallery and Co. is a fun labyrinth, full of hidden delights. Check out more of Foreign Policy’ characteristically joyful projectes here.