Nendo's Kaleidoscopic Installation of Mirrors



Japanese design studio Nendo has created an impressive installation consisting of over 40,000 shards of polished steel, to celebrate the Sogetsu School of Ikebana’s 90th anniversary.

The installation took the building’s exisiting architecture as it’s starting point. The sculptural foyer was originally designed by landscape architect and artist Isamu Noguchi, constructed to represent a carved, minimalist, rock garden. As opposed to creating objects to fill the space, Nendo paid tribute to the exisiting work by enhancing it’s flowing nature with thousands of rhombus-shaped mirrors, each placed by hand to resemble cascading ivy.

The undulating surfaces with varying densities of mirror, create pools of bouncing light in some areas, while revealing the grey rock of Noguchi’s design in others. Lighting has been placed around the edges of the terraces producing a soft glow that creates both reflection and shadow amongst the sea of metal. This soft light adds a beautiful variance of tone, as well as a sense of heavenly elevation as it leads your eye upwards. At the centre of the terraces, various ikebana arrangements are placed that are in turn reflected in the surrounding ‘ivy’. The reflected flowers become abstract, dismantled and multiplied through the variance of reflection that surrounds them.

Nendo is by far one of the top design studios out there at the moment. Led by Oki Sato, their work is often reduced to a single colour or material, and worked in a manner that feels strangely spiritual and ethereal.