Ocular is the latest creation by director and animator David Brodeur. The piece was created as an opening title sequence for Pause Fest and showcases Brodeur’s impeccable ability to animate and render wonderfully weird, globular creations.

Looking through Brodeur’s portfolio you are confronted with film after film of other-worldly organic creatures. The crisp rendering in vivid colours somehow blend seamlessly into the natural environments they sit within, highlighting the oddity that already exists within our natural world. Ocular calls into question this reality blurring our perception on what is real and what is fictional. Anyone that has seen the strange natural elements that live in our deep oceans will no doubt have recoiled at the peculiar creatures that already exists here on earth, a feeling that is mirrored in Brodeur’s film. As well as this, the synthetic-appearing texture of the objects highlights our modern obsession with technologically created matter. Recent news has declared that synthetic meats will be available in stores as soon as 2020 which sounds alarming, however what’s more alarming is our willingness to accept such synthetics so quickly into our everyday lives. It’s these subtle conversations that formed the concept behind Ocular and gives the work not only it’s visual appeal, but it’s underlying sense of unease.

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