OFIS Arhitekti @ Salone del Mobile



Milan Design Week is on now with exhibitors from all over the world showcasing their latest design concepts and initiatives.

Slovenian based studio OFIS Arhitekti has set up in Parco Sempione with an impressive installation of their latest prototype for modular living. The studio has been investigating concepts relating to small habitations in extreme environments for a number of years now, with some incredible results. Their latest concept being a continuation of this research, one that allows for a personalised and adaptable approach.

The concept works with a number of small units that can be configured to suit both the occupant and the environment. Each unit is large enough to hold a small kitchen, bed and bathroom, and can be coupled either vertically or horizontally. The benefit of such a system is it’s ability to work with a wide range of environments. Even residential sections come with their own unique specifications, meaning standard modular systems initially look good on paper, but often don’t end up being practical or feasible. OFIS’s system allows for variance, an incredibly important feature.

As well as their practical appeal, the dynamic angles of the structure create a unique and modern aesthetic, one you’d only be too thrilled to arrive at after a hike through the woods. The timber framed units are lined internally with plywood boards and can be finished in a variety of claddings depending on use. Spaces can also be modified, opening up options for a wider living space should it be required or if more than one unit are being coupled.

As stand-alones, these are not units you’d necessarily want to live in permanently, measuring in at only a little over 11m2. But they do offer a wonderful alternative to the standard, wood cabin, and have maybe pushed forward the  principles and conversations surrounding a more sustainable manner of creating and configuring affordable housing systems.

Images: via dezeen.com