Philosophy @ MFW



It’s been a couple of years since NABA graduate Lorenzo Serafini took the helm at Philosophy, and while the brand may not grab the headlines like the fashion power houses do, his realm has helped build a solid fan base with his expertly achieve mix of nostalgia and modernity.

Usually working with a 70’s and 80’s silhouette, his pre-fall and fall collections have seen him delve into the 50’s and 60’s. The earlier time period is famed for it’s romanticism, while the latter cemented itself as time for rebellion. It’s this mix of mood, attitude and tone that led to Serafini’s excellently balanced collection in Milan. The new collection imagines a young Liz Taylor who meets up with the rebellious spirit of The Mods. This duality has always been a driving force behind Serafini’s designs, often pairing together evocative traits such as sweetness and audacity, innocence and sensuality, and grace and determination. For fall there’s a caged animal lying dormant within the clothing, literally seen through the animal print used, but subtly referenced through the studded detail on the classically cut dresses. One can’t help but feel like the storyline of Dirty Dancing was being played out in the form of a clothing collection, the same reserve and the same pent up desire was encapsulated in a perfectly subtle way, just like a certain glimpse of the eye that tells you there’s something more lying within.

See the full collection here, and check out training behind the designer by visiting NABA for yourself.