Pigalle & Ill-Studio Repaint Duperré



French fashion brand Pigalle and design agency Ill-Studio, have just repainted the Paris Duperré basketball court with a series of vibrant gradients, transforming the narrow space with an explosion of colour.

The public space first came to fame in 2009 when Nike and Pigalle decorated the courts to coincide with the launch of the Pigalle fashion label. Since then the court has been redesigned multiple times with bold, geometric looks that have drawn the attention of players from across the city. Pigalle began working with Ill-Studio in 2014, commissioning the agency once again for this latest reincarnation. The varying gradients cover the playing court itself as well as sections of the walls surrounding. The ombre is then punctuated by solids taken from the same palette at various points around the court, emphasising the geometric nature of the site and adding a bold contrast.

The dark blue, fuchsia, canary yellow and burnt orange transform the sporting arena into a space that is completely modern, hums with energy, and operates unlike any other playing court out there.