Prue Stent and Honey Long’s bodily abstractions



Prue Stent is a photographer who seems to have adopted Instagram at just the right time, and is now reaping the rewards of the followers and fame the platform has brought her. Of course, this is not the only reason why the young Australian photographer has been in the spotlight of publications like Vice and i-D Magazine, or has been commissioned by Gucci. Stent has been producing interesting photographic work for a few years now. While she has been gaining the bulk of attention, her long-time friend and collaborator Honey Long has been there all the way. The pair sometimes work on projects together explicitly as co-authors, at other times one might assist the other on a shoot, or pose as a model.

The selection of photographs presented here are all from collaborations between the two. They demonstrate ongoing concerns that both photographers explore through their work: the representation of the female body in the media, sexuality, the relationship between femininity and nature, the possibility of bodily abstraction. Recurring motifs, such as the colour pink, soft blobby forms, and fluid materials appear across all projects. The body is treated as an abstract material. Faces are obscured or cut off in the photos, which helps the viewer discard any baggage with carry around identities. It becomes an extension of a piece of fabric, or the landscape.

The artists are very good at decontextualising familiar body parts and turning them into things seen anew. Some projects, such as Flush, get very close and personal, injecting close-ups of liquids and metals suggestive of bodily fluids, confusing our perceptions of what’s in front of us. Both Prue Stent and Honey Long are prolific Instagrammers, so check out their profiles here and here. Stent’s website is full of fascinating projects is you want to delve into the more grotesque aspects of her practice.