Sarah Forgie’s textiles explore notions of gender



Sarah Forgie is a textile designer, printer, and illustrator who grew up in Perth, later moving to London for university. She started with a foundation course at Central Saint Martins and completed her bachelor degree at the London College of Fashion. Forgie has since interned at The Unseen and has assisted costume designer Sandra Berrebi with set design for the likes of Nike x Pigalle and Hermes.

Sarah Forgie’s final project at the London College for Fashion is an experimental series of works centering around the themes of gender fluidity. The designer is inspired by increasing gender diversity, as well as what she sees as the blending of the ways in which masculine and feminine qualities are expressed in the traditional gender binaries of men and women. Carl Jung’s concepts of the Anima and Animus provided a theoretical framework for the research. Textiles are Sarah Forgie’s material of choice for exploring these ideas. She engaged in a wide range of material and textural experimentation, mark making, sculpture, and observation to come up with the final outcomes presented at the London College of Fashion Press Show. The designer collaborated with Jaewan Sophie Kim to create the series of outfits above.

Fergie’s experimented with fabrics commonly used in typical mens and womens fashion: combining them, twisting, entwining, morphing, and then scanning the results. These explorations eventuated in the final textile designs. Her fabrics combine softness, bristly textures, rough marks and delicate colours in voluminous compositions that simultaneously exhibit qualities of draped softness and structural resistance. A great example of a more abstract approach to engaging with complex ideas. Be sure to check out Sarah Forgie’s website for an insight into her multi-stranded process.

Project credits.
Outfit 1 & 2: Womenswear, Fotini Chandra; Photography, Simonas Berukstis; Hair and Make up, So Jeong Kim; Model, Karolina – freelance.
Outfit 3:  Womenswear, Jaewan Sophie Kim, Fotini Chandra; Photography, James Rees; Creative Direction, Rob Phillips; Hair, Ezana Ové; Make Up, Kirsty Gaston; Model, Lily – Models1.