Scribble by De Castelli



De Castelli is a brand founded by Albino Celato in 2003. Celato comes from a family that has brought up generations of blacksmiths. He has continued the lineage and put his heritage to good use by making iron and steel the centrepieces of De Castello’s design focus. The company collaborates with a stable of designers to transform these age-old materials into interiors, household objects, outdoor furniture, and more. The designers’ fresh perspectives coming with De Castelli’s material expertise to produce pieces of exceptional beauty. If you ever needed proof that metal can be both a luxury looking and versatile material, the company’s catalogue might convince you to fill your house with burnished copper, steel, and brass.

The collection of Scribble tables, designed by Francesca Lanzavecchia, show off the possibilities presented by metals in the most effective way. These striking side tables are narrow and delicately bent, they are designed to elegantly come together in sculptural configurations, or to be separately distributed throughout a living space. The tables all feature a bright circle at the helm of the table top, it is almost as though it has blazed a movement trail behind it to bring the shape of the structure to life. The metal finishes are stunning in deep red, cloudy brass, midnight navy, and abalone shell green-blue. Perched on shapely metal rods, the Scribble collection of tables could easily become a central feature in any space. Find more examples of De Castelli’s craftsmanship here.