Split—a beautiful indie game by itsfine



Indie gaming has seen many a success in the past few years. It has also been responsible for greater diversity in the gaming world and has brought in a new wave of beautifully designed games that are big on concept, visual aesthetics and soothing sound. No shoot-em-ups or addictive Candy Crush madness here. These are games designed to be enjoyed slowly and peacefully, perhaps while relaxing on the commute home. Alto's Adventure and Monument Valley are recent examples of mobile games that have gained hordes of devoted fans. Design-driven games can open up the market to new, non-gamer audiences. For people like myself, they are an easy entry point into a world that can seem alien and uninviting at first.

Split is a new game, currently in development, that follows on in this genre. The challenging puzzle game, set in a minimalist world of pastel hues and geometric structures, puts the player in charge of a cube with the goal of reaching the door at the end of each level. The cube can be split into multiples to aid the solving of puzzles, adding an extra element of difficulty to the gameplay.

Split began as a project by a group of Media Design School students, who have formed an indie development studio, itsfine games. They have put the game forward on Steam Greenlight, where it has broken through to the Top 20. Those of you in possession of a PC can download a demo and give it a go. Then, if you enjoy it, remember to upvote the game so that it can be completed and made available for sale on Steam. Keep up to date with the progress on itsfine's Facebook page.