Steps Away by Romain Trystram



Few illustrators capture mood in such a way as the talented Romain Trystram. I first came across his work on Behance with his dark but ambient series Réflexions Faites, a collection of images that detail various night scenes in the rain. Their neon colours bleed out into the black night seeming ominous and foreboding, and bounce delicately off the driving diagonal rain. The forms appear simplistic in nature and yet the precision of the illustrations show years of practise from what is obviously a dedicated creative.

The above images come from his latest collection of illustrations titled Steps Away. The showcase is made up of over 40 ‘steps’ of exploration that Trystram has trialled over the past year.  He refers to the collection as more like a visual development rather than series, using them as a way to investigate aesthetics and visual storytelling techniques. All the images are devoid of any visible human, a test in his ability to communicate and weave a narrative without ever revealing a human protagonist. It’s a tricky test and in some instances a car or a plane will stand in place of a human body. These images are beautiful and give a sense of narrative without a physical character, however illustrations such as the single clock hanging on the wall speak of human feeling and place on a deeper level. We’ve all had that moment, starring blankly, or anxiously at the clock, waiting for time to pass or wishing it wouldn’t. That single image delves into so many human feelings on so many levels.

As well as feeling, Trystram’s illustrations show incredible technique. His aesthetic blends 2D and 3D elements together so beautifully, allowing the eye to travel and to experience his unique sense of dimensionality. The above is merely a selection from this wide collection of illustrations, the full series becomes almost overwhelming because of the quantity, however with each image, you get a glimpse into the mind and talent of this gifted creative.