Tiago Galo's Playful Illustrations



Tiago Galo's playful illustrations have been featured in The Hollywood Reporter, Casa da Música, Financial Times and Canadian Business Magazine. The portuguese artist started his work as an illustrator collaborating in small fanzines and exhibitions, before finishing his degree in architecture at Universidade Técnica de Lisboa. While working as an architect, Tiago continued his illustration work, going on to win the prize for best comic at the Amadora BD competition in 2011. In 2014, after finishing a degree in Art Direction, he returned to his work as an illustrator, turning his part time passion into a career.

His characteristic style features voluminous figures in a flat graphic world. His colour choices are bold, often using a paired back palette to create a strong visual language. As well as being a skilled illustrator, his humorous approach lends a quirky nature to his work, meaning that the pieces function as a means for communication with a sense of fun and surprise. 

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