Timber Timbre — Grifting



Timber Timbre is a music group fronted by Taylor Kirk, with current members including Simon Trottier, Mathieu Charbonneau, and Olivier Fairfield. They have recently released their sixth album, Sincerely, Future Pollution, another collection of haunting songs and melodies the have become known for. The music is an idiosyncratic mixture of swampy blues and psychedelic folk, shrouded in a veil of gothic overtones. Kirk’s voice is central to the group’s unique sound. It is nonchalant in his disquiet, spooky, sexy and mysterious. The subject matter of the songs is suitably dark, frequently brushing shoulders with the supernatural. Even listening to a single song by Timber Timbre quickly builds a thick atmosphere of uncertainly and foreboding. Sincerely, Future Pollution adds layers of dislocating synths to further rattle the mood.

“Grifting” is an uncommonly funky and upbeat single from the new album. The lyrics are much more tumultuous than the music, as they rhythmically highlight some of humanities less likeable traits. An animated video has been released to accompany the track. The animation directed and produced by Elenor Kopka, a German animator talented with a unique style that compliments Timber Timbre’s sound perfectly. Her grainy monochrome worlds house questionable characters with unsettling demeanours. She favours rounded forms that dissolve in and out of the background, offset with simple rectangular objects in the backdrop. Hazy, nostalgic, perhaps forbidden, there is a kooky, offbeat quality to Kopek’s animations and illustrations. Their feel reminds me of the early days of Felix the Cat cartoon series. For “Grifting,” Kopka set the scene of an underground card game. An ominous atmosphere broods over the proceedings, and images of ghostly creatures and supernatural happenings invoke a seance.

Elenor Kopka also makes games and animations in tandem with her brother, Konstantin Kopka as Ghostbutter.