Time for Sushi by David Lewandowski



When the world seems to be degenerating into a crazy place of strange politics, unsavoury ideology, and devastating events, a bit of light relief here and there is appreciated. No matter how ridiculous the news has been, I have something that might top it. Rejoice, for David Lewandowski has released a new short film. You may remember Lewandowski as the man behind the bendy, floppy, freaky nude dude from the going to the store, a 49 second video that went viral in 2011. He followed it up with a longer video, late for meeting, that sees our wacky protagonist get silly with a car and then fly off with a bunch of balloons.

time for sushi takes us to Tokyo. The bendy man descends upon the city from his balloon trip, accompanied by a lady friend. Soon, the streets are filled with a massive crowd of similarly unorthodox walkers. Writhing, bouncing, and flailing, as though their limbs are made form pure rubber, the people head towards the ocean. As they reach their destination the video takes a surprising twist, transforming from an oddity to something quite beautiful. All the silliness seems to somehow reveal something about the human condition.

If these three videos aren’t enough for your entertainment, there are plenty of live action spoofs on YouTube to keep you giggling. You can buy some merchandise from David Lewandowski’s new shop, and also check out his website for his portfolio of more serious work — the Tron: Legacy titles for example.