Time Light by Anna Gudmundsdottir



Anna Gudmundsdottir is a Swedish/Icelandic industrial designer, who is currently based in Malmö. She has exhibited her work at such prestigious events as London Design Festival, Stockholm Furniture Fair and Milano Design Week. Gudmundsdottir’s special touch is evident in her portfolio. She generally takes on simple everyday objects, imbuing them with a tactile warmth. Sustainable, recycled, and natural materials take the lead in her designs, making the products feel-good in more ways than one. Gentle, rounded shapes and natural and pastel colour palettes give Gudmundsdottir’s objects an unassuming, but quietly beautiful air.

The designer is currently exhibiting some of her more abstract works at Vandalorum, a museum for art and design in Värnamo, Sweden. Taking part in a group exhibition that takes on light as its theme, Gudmundsdottir’s Time Light is a peaceful white circle that conceals a light, surrounded by a starburst of white three-dimensional geometric forms that are spliced with colourful transparent squares. Brassy triangles of beaten metal and perforated rectangles reflect and disperse the centre light as it dims and brightens. The inspiration for the poetic piece comes from space travel. The designer was thinking about the fact that astronauts on a voyage to Mars would only be able to tell changes in space and time by the gradual shift of the stars’ positions in relation to the spacecraft. Time Space is an experiment and a contemplation of the ways in which these changes could be made similarly visible on earth. A lovely example that demonstrates that designers should not be afraid to tackles subjects that seem out of reach — these are the projects that often produce the most interesting results.