Tongue Tied



Iranian born, New York based artist, Iman Raad, creates work that fills the space with vivid colour that masks a darker subject matter lurking beneath.

Raad’s work presents a contradictory combination of beauty and fear though the displacement of objects and interruption of perspective. His work covers multiple disciplines, from traditional paintings to assembled objects and interactive sculptures. Deep within his work lies a sinister undertone that imbues within his non-human subjects a consciousness that allows them to become self-aware and entrenched with meaning. Raad takes inspiration from Persian arts traditional to the culture, blending these with references as far afield as South Asian truck ornamentation and digital glitch art. His melding of these visuals, and his elevation of them to centre stage, inverts the decorative subjects usual role as a placid art form, turning them into a provocateurs. His work acts as a visual maze, one that viewers are asked to decipher by picking through the familiar and the alien, unlocking a new interpretation of the everyday.