Top pick: TopMan



London Collection: Men kicks off the menswear fashion circuit and is an extension of the only men's day at London Fashion Week. The showcase emphasizes the creative of British menswear and encourages emerging talent alongside established brands. J.W Anderson, Christopher Raeburn (who we've written on previously) James Long, and Astrid Anderson are all young talent that is being fostered by the London Collection. And thats a good thing.

London always has it's own feel and that feel is very different to the Paris and Milan fashion weeks. Here, odd is the winner and the winner that has dominated this year is the print. A lot of print. Which I'm in to…. but I have some doubts. I'll be honest, there was lot this year that didn't really excite me, and I'm almost cringing to say that Topman was 'Best in Show' for me. Yes, mainstream… but it was good, I don't think it was particularly progressive and my favourite items were actually the coats from E. Tautz,but I think Topmans colour palette and mix of print and solid colours were balanced and wearable. James Long also did a good job of this. His shorts were cool too.

Check out Long's work as well as the full collection of designers from London Collection: Men 2012 here.

Logan Bradley