Town Folktales by Fon Studio



Fon Studio have helped convert the first of six buildings of an old 1950’s printing plant in the Dushan County, Guizhou Province, China.

The community of buildings will offer reception rooms, dining areas, reading and play spaces for young and old, with the aim to create a diverse set of environments for community use. Keeping the buildings original brick facades, Fon Studio punctuated the exterior with a dramatic curved doorway, a form that was then taken throughout the interior design to define various areas. This internal space feels ventilated with wide openings and mid height walls that allow for the dramatic length of the building to be realised from any viewpoint. Cleverly designed archways in some instances act as portals directing you through the space, and at other times, create openings punctuating curved walls. The archways add a distinct sense of play to the space, creating room for discovery by those using the building. This is added to by the construction of a multi-level environment, a technique that divides the space and creates interest in use.