Unknown Mortal Orchestra's Multi-Love



Unknown Mortal Orchestra has reappeared on my radar with the release of their latest single, Multi-Love. The band, started by the talented Ruban Nielson (founding member of New Zealand punk band The Mint Chicks), has gone from strength to strength with their last two albums—the eponymous Unknown Mortal Orchestra and II. They have received wide critical acclaim and have blessed our ears with cute, lo-fi tracks like Ffunny FfriendsSo Good at Being in Trouble and Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark). Unknown Mortal Orchestra's sound is decidedly influenced by 60s psych-pop, with a sprinkling of surf rock.

Multi-Love is the first single from their upcoming album, to be released via Jagjaguwar on 26 May. This new track takes their sound to a new dimension, mixing in hollow drum-beats, a dose of synth-pop, with quirky baroque overtones. It is unique and completely addictive. The accompanying video by Lionel Williams is a visual treat. Williams has created a psychedelic 3D world reminiscent of 90s computer games and PC screensavers. The graphics take their inspiration from occult practices, ancient Egypt and tropicana—all the internet trends mixed into one kaleidoscopic, jewel-coloured world where images fold in on themselves, twisting, morphing and warping into one-another. The result is a satisfying watch, but make sure to turn on full HD to view it properly.

A complementary game-app has been released alongside the video, you can download it here. Interactive videos are becoming more and more popular and we have reviewed a few on Frontier. I had a play around with this particular app, but found my attention waning quickly. It is essentially the same experience as watching the music video, except that you are granted the ability to zoom in on the action and to control the pacing with your mouse keys. If you are in the mood for watching some trippy graphics, then you may enjoy it. Personally, I can't get enough of simply listening to Multi-Love. You can keep up do date with the band, who will soon be touring around the US, Canada, UK and Europe, here.