Walk through an interactive paper city in street view



At a time when 3D imaging, scanning and printing technologies are developing at a rapid pace, hand crafted work can come as pleasant surprise. Snask, in their usual irrepressible manner, have proven once again that paper, scissors and glue are materials as good as any to create a wow-worthy experience for a client. Their latest project is for The Swedish Association of Public Housing. The association is seeking to promote a model for building cheaper housing at a time when Sweden faces a huge shortage. Snask devised a concept called “From words to housing,” building a paper city of cheerful apartment blocks, complete with mini trees, cars, lamplights and some deftly carved lettering. The streets of the marquette city were filmed with a specially rigged camera to simulate Google Street View. You can try walking around the city for yourself on the project website, which was developed with the help of digital agency Wolfmother. You can meander about, or use a map to navigate around flagged information points. Quotes from the public, collected via social media, add the important voices of those most affected by the issue to the conversation. Be mindful that the website is in Swedish, but if you let Google translate the important bits for you, it doesn't detract from the navigation at all. Or just have a look at the walk through video above.

The web experience is fun and surprisingly immersive. I makes you feel like a kid again, playing in a big toy world and, judging from Snask's photographs, it seems that adults have experienced it with almost as much delight when it was installed at a function. The process of putting the models together looks almost as enjoyable. Find out more about the project here, and be sure to peruse Snask's previous work for more hands-on design inspiration.