Water Made Active



In a time where we’re flooded by brands all shouting for our attention, it can be hard for authentic ideas to rise to the top. Gatorade’s latest ad for it’s G Active product engages it’s audience through it’s raw aesthetic and technical concept using water to illustrate an athlete working at their prime.

The commercial takes stop motion to the next level using data to create precision-timed strobe photography that captures water droplets that have been released in a determined sequence. Each drop of water falls in unison and at a particular moment, is frozen in time by the camera lens, creating a watery illustration of an athlete. Each capture works as a single frame that when pieced together, acts like any other stop motion animation, creating a fluid sequence of a runner in motion.

The rig used to bring the concept to life consisted of more than 20,000 parts with 20,048 individual nozzles and took 5,000 man-hours to build. Each nozzle turns on and off within a two-millisecond period creating an incredibly accurate representation of a runner in motion.

Below is a detailed behind the scenes that shows the incredible in-camera production throughout it’s creation.