We love fashion videos!



Let's highlight a trend we noticed and adore - Some of the foremost fashion houses have started investing in really good quality design and cinematography to bring you fresh, new and interesting ways to do what is in essence their catalogue.
We have to commend them on how they have pulled together a range of different creative disciplines - animation, cinematography, art direction, soundscape, even movement to create these little short films. We think it shows they are forward thinking and understand their buyers - e.g. Doesn't the oki-ni video really do justice to the quality of the fabric?
We love the Prada short too - we thought the style of this video was very reminiscent of the work done by Pop-artist George Hamilton. Also, we can safely say the sound of Pitbull has been blaring from the Frontier office thanks to watching the Lanvin - Fall Campaign movie on repeat...

If this is what the future of fashion catalogue browsing is going to look like then, all eyes on you!