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Born in Recife [Brazil] and grown with eyes and ears all around the world, Graduated in Design from Federal University of Pernambuco [UFPE], where I also earned a MSc Degree.

I sum to my passion for design, music, fashion and arts in general. Accumulating a postgraduate degree in Design from Domus Academy [Milan, Italy], a technical diploma in fashion design, besides my recent role in design management and innovation in an IT company, my creations can be found in forms of sounds, fabrics, paints and words.

In the fashion world, I had also developed a brand, Meketref, who had a fashion show in Fashion Rio, Oi FashionTour and Oi Fashion Music [the latter two held in Recife], having also created wedding dresses and now own a collection of sneakers, hand-illustrated, the "XUS" []. Her illustrations, marked by a combination of lines and curves that unite delicacy and strength, can also be found on the walls of ateliers and fashion shops in town.

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hand-illustrated shoes
pattern design