Character Concept Sketch

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An aspiring artist who hopes to go to Media Design School in the hope of becoming a Game Artist! \^D^/

I'm a big fan of Rhythm Games like Project Diva and Love Live School Idol Festival alongside other games from various genres like Fire Emblem, Splatoon, Danganronpa, Skullgirls etc.

I'm not really into 'fashion' per say but rather I just enjoy sewing as a hobby and took it up last year when I became interested in cosplaying with my friends at conventions. I'm also interested in music and have been learning the drums for a year now.

Overall I'm an optimistic and dedicated person - and while I'm a bit on the reserved and quiet side I enjoy making friends and hope to learn to break out of my shell more!

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Character Concept Sketch
Character Concept Sketch


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Just a sketch for some character design practice, aiming to try and create some more interesting character designs as well as work on anatomy, posing and HANDS!! Credit to Youtuber Day-Flasho - I referenced the pose from one of their drawings.