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Hello and welcome to my profile!
I am 17 years old and currently attending my final year of college. Next year I hope to be accepted into Media Design School to partake in their Game Art course. I dream of becoming a game artist who uses their skills and knowledge to travel the world and be apart of many game development companies and they're projects. Keep an eye out there for me, I'll produce artworks you just might like.

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Logo Developments + Final
Logo Developments + Final


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These logos are a part of my design assessment I am currently working on. The assessment requires me to produce a number of logo concepts that are completely unique and original that I can later develop to become the official logo for my chosen brief. I selected a few logo concepts I had drawn earlier and developed them further by digitalising them thus creating these. Once I had created them all digitally I chose a design to be the official logo for my clothing line, this being the logo on the bottom right corner.

This piece will also be included within my portfolio submission to Media Design School in 2018.
Date of creation: March 2017.
Media used: Photoshop and Illustrator.