Self Judgement

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Been a geek all my life. PC gaming is my go to hobby along with art and Dungeons and Dragons with my friends, anything creative I thrive on.
I have managerial experience of 2.5 years with the diploma to go along with it.
I am a committed and mature individual who is calm and humble.
I want my career to be in the creative industry focused in gaming so I enjoy every day of my job.
Currently studying Game art at Media Design school.

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Words left behind can effect anyone...
Words left behind can effect anyone...


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I created this image as I wanted to express the feeling that passed my mind when I saw the graffiti on this wall. The words "your'e FAT" attack you when read and cause self judgement. I placed a young girl there as it would have the most effect on her I feel. seeing a young girl staring at hurtful words causes us to intervene with the situation but we cant so the feeling sits with the viewer, which is what this piece is striving to do, to provoke emotions. Completed 27/05/2017