Rangi Nikora

Rangi Nikora

New Zealand
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Waikato Institute of Technology


I am inspired and driven to push the boundaries forward in the art world; to continuously challenge the mind and be able to make passion and desire visually come alive. For those of us who choose graphic design, it is not so much a career or hobby, but a passionate way of life. We understand and perceive the world differently under several tones and shades of light.

Curiosity is perhaps the one word that seems to condense all of my reasons for pursuing graphic design. It is something about the journeys of which one takes, to discover the mind and world of art, that excites me. I am always searching for more ways to further my graphic design abilities both perceptually and conceptually. I do hope that my future, to whatever path I choose to explore, will be anchored by art. I could not possibly imagine never being connected to a world of imagination and expression where anything is truly possible.


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